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Professor Jianjun Mei 

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Jianjun Mei is Director of the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, Director of Research (DoR) in the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge and Adjunct Professor of the University of Science and Technology Beijing. He earned his Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of Cambridge in 2000. His dissertation published by Archaeopress in Oxford is the first treatise in English on copper and bronze metallurgy in prehistoric Xinjiang, Northwest China.

He co-edited Metallurgy and Civilization: Eurasia and Beyond (London: Archetype Publications, 2009), and his current research focuses on Bronze Age metallurgy in China and its relationship to Central Asian and Western Bronze Age cultures. He has been a leading member of the team formed to write the volume on non-ferrous metallurgy for the Science and Civilisation in China series, founded by the great British sinologist and historian of science Joseph Needham (1900-1995).

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01 October 2014 – Present