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Dr Kshitij Sabnis 

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Postdoctoral By-Fellows,

Kshitij Sabnis completed a Masters degree in physics at Cambridge, and then moved to the Engineering Department to carry out a PhD in experimental high-speed aerodynamics with Professor Holger Babinsky. The focus of his PhD was a validation study in supersonic corner flows, during which he revealed the importance of nozzle geometry in wind tunnel experiments and developed an extension to a commonly-used relation in turbulence modelling. Kshitij has a variety of research interests in high-speed aerodynamics, primarily centred around the interactions of shock waves with flow features like boundary layers and vortices, but also extending to the development of optical methods such as pressure-sensitive paint. He is currently performing wind tunnel experiments to investigate the flow behaviour encountered in extreme scenarios by intakes for next-generation, low environmental impact aircraft engines.

Department of Engineering