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Professor Kahoko Nishikawa 

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Microplastic Pollution

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Kahoko Nishikawa has been a full professor in the Faculty of Commerce (Environmental Science) at Chuo University and visiting researcher at NIH (Japan) since 2015. She obtained PhD in Environmental Microbiology from Ochanomizu University in 2002. Her academic background is in Environmental Microbiology. However, she has participated in several medical research projects, including the development of artificial platelet, the effect of resveratrol on fatty liver, and nosocomial infection in ICU throughout her 20+ years of the academic career.

Now she is interested in anthropogenic pollution’s social and environmental impact. Her research focuses on the impact of plastic pollution and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on water quality. Her research activity received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award in the 2nd Antimicrobial resistance measures dissemination and enlightenment activity commendation ceremony in 2018.

She served as vice-president of Chuo University in charge of SDGs from 2020-21, and her activity is widened to local government and the community toward a sustainable society.

She is currently staying on campus to forward her research project on mitigating plastic pollution and AMR in environmental waters and wants to start a new collaboration work.

Professor Kahoko Nishikawa