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Professor Mike Innes 

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Social Psychology

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I am a social and organisational psychologist, with degrees from the Universities of Aberdeen (M.A.) and Birmingham (PhD.) I have taught in several universities, including Birmingham and Edinburgh, Michigan and, in Australia, where I now reside, the Universities of Adelaide, James Cook and Murdoch. I am presently a Visiting Research Professor in the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of South Australia. I have held visiting professorships at the University of Michigan, Arizona State University, and the University of Barcelona.

My research has been concerned with central issues in the study of social behaviour, including the causes and effects of social influence and persuasion, the influence of group membership and social identity and the history and influences on the discipline of social psychology. My current interests are concentrated on the impact of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) upon the profession and practice of psychology and the possible impact on the employment of professional psychologists, with the consequent implications for universities in the education and training of psychologists. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the methods and the practice of psychology, mainly in the fields of clinical and organisational psychology, as well as an understanding of the capacities of AI in the simulation and replacement of human behaviour