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Dr Sergio Martin Alvarez 

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Astrophysics & Cosmology

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Postdoctoral By-Fellows,

Sergio Martin Alvarez obtained his Physics undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Valencia. He was awarded a PhD in Astrophysics by the University of Oxford, investigating in his thesis the origin of galactic magnetic fields and the role these play in the formation and evolution of galaxies.

As a postdoc at the Institute of Astronomy and the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, his research employs massive cosmological magnetohydrodynamical numerical simulations to tackle complex open questions about the non-linear processes of structure formation in our Universe. His research aims to improve our understanding of the origin of the ubiquitous magnetic fields of the Cosmos and how these and other physics frequently unexplored in simulations, such as cosmic rays or radiation, contribute in turn to shape the formation of galaxies and solve the small scale challenges faced by the standard cosmological model ΛCDM (i.e. a Universe with cold dark matter and dark energy).

Sergio Martin Alvarez