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With an incredible £130,000 of match funding available to unlock, every donation made during the 2023 Telephone Campaign will go even further.

The Telephone Campaign is an annual campaign run by the Development Office. It takes place over approximately three weeks and has two main objectives: to maintain links between current students and alumni, and to raise money for the College. All alumni are lifelong members of the College, and the Telephone Campaign helps to keep that connection alive. Many alumni really value the opportunity to speak to current students and find out more about the life of the College today. Many also choose to pledge a gift during the Telephone Campaign and these donations are vital in enabling the College to continue to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. True to the founding principles of the College, over 80% of our undergraduates are from state schools and nearly all require some level of additional financial support. To help ensure none of our students miss out on the opportunities available to them while they are in Cambridge, we are reliant on generous alumni support.

Meet this year's calling team

Vicky Dahmen (U22)

“Hi, I’m Vicky and I’ve just finished my first year studying Medicine. If I’m not in the Bevin library working, you can find me rowing with the Churchill Boat Club. Besides, I really enjoy hiking, music, and applied maths. My time at Churchill has been filled with meeting amazing friends across all courses and years. I can’t wait to chat to alumni, learn about their time at Churchill and how it impacted their lives.”

Mridul Shrestha (U22)

“Hello, I’m Mridul and I’ve recently completed my first year studying Physical Natural Sciences, intending to focus on physics and maths in my second year. My time at Churchill has been amazing, having found a great, welcoming community and in particular forming a strong friendship with my fellow Churchill Physical and Biological Natural Sciences, both in and out of Churchill College. We have held many fun events using the rooms available to us at Churchill, from playing table tennis and board games in the JCR games room, to playing cards and chatting in the buttery. My favourite experience would have to be hosting a game show for all my friends in one of the seminar rooms – everyone seemed to be having so much fun and it made me reflect on how quickly I’ve gotten to know everyone so well. Outside of studies, I go to the gym six times a week, and really appreciate the convenience of having a gym so nearby, as well as the range of equipment. In my second year, I intend to join more clubs and societies to get even more out of my Cambridge experience. Having already enjoyed my time so much, I am eager to hear about the experience of our alumni.”

Lucy Munson (U22)

“Hi, I’m Lucy and I’ve just finished my first year studying Engineering here at Churchill. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year here: the people at Churchill are lovely and there is a great sense of community. My favourite aspects of college life have been the memories made with friends, whether it’s studying together, going to formals or just chatting on the field. I’ve loved getting involved with sport this year, especially playing netball and rowing for Churchill College Boat Club. I’m looking forward to talking to alumni and hearing about their University experiences!”

Papa Kwarteng (G22)

“Hey, I am Papa Kwarteng, a chemical engineer from Ghana. I am currently pursuing my PhD at Yusuf Hameid Department of Chemistry where I design 3D reactors for photocatalytic transformations. I enjoy my role as the Vice-President of the Cambridge University Ghanaian Society where I get to organise events and forge new connections with like-minded individuals. I enjoy board games and poetry which makes the green spaces in Churchill College excellent for reflection and creativity. In the future, I hope to build an African Research Institute of Solar Energy Technologies in Northern Ghana that will incubate SolarTech startups. Churchill College has been a good experience for me and I welcome such an opportunity to engage with Alumni.”

Patience Abugu (G22)

“Hi, I am Patience from Nigeria and my PhD is in Materials Science. My work involves developing and testing new plant based alternative materials for food packaging applications. I love dancing, swimming, hanging out with my girlfriends and solving jig-saw puzzles. My favourite place in College is the library, I find the quiet and scenic view overlooking the college fields very soothing. In the future, I hope to work in the sustainability space helping companies transition from fossil-fuel based materials to greener alternatives.”

Nicky Wojtania (G22)

“Originally from Texas, I completed my undergraduate studies in Bioengineering at Harvard University before starting my MPhil in Biotechnology here. During the year, I rowed for Cambridge University Boat Club where I raced in the winning Blondie crew against Oxford. Apart from my studies and rowing, I have been helping organize the Global Biotech Revolution Excellerator Conference as the Logistics. After graduating, I will be working in consulting but hope to return to Cambridge for a PhD.”

Lauren Price (U21)

“Hi! I’m Lauren and I’ve just finished my second year in Chinese Studies. I’m captain of the Churchill College Boat Club and I stroked our blading W1 crew in May Bumps this year. I love the friendly atmosphere at Churchill and I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. I’m excited to chat to alumni and hear about their own experiences at Churchill and beyond.”

Ethan Sosin (U22)

“Hi, I’m Ethan and I’ve just completed my first year studying Maths at Churchill. As a keen runner, Churchill has proved to be a fantastic location with the Hare & Hounds training on our fields every week and Storey’s Field Parkrun on our doorstep. I’ve also loved getting involved with societies across the city, having been elected Secretary of the University Taekwondo Club and co-President of the Churchill May Ball. If I’m not running or kicking people, I’m often found in the JCR trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to improve my pool skills. After a great first year, I’m looking forward to speaking with alumni to hear about their experien

Finlay Goodwin (U22)

“Hello, my name is Finlay, and I’ve just ended my first year of studying English. Going into second year is an exciting prospect as I’ve gotten comfortable in Churchill College, loving my group of friends there and the vibe of the place that’s gone from strange-looking-building-on-Google-images to my new home. I enjoy walking, exploring the city, and all its many nooks and crannies, and reading a good book on King’s Parade. It’ll be wonderful to talk to alumni and hear about their experiences, the things that were different for them in College, what was similar, see where life has taken them after, and get a few pub recommendations as well!”

Tania Miah (U22)

“Hi, I’m a Geography student from London and I’ve just finished my 1st year at Churchill. In College I really enjoy cooking, baking DIY and arts and crafts. When the stress of reading and essays hits, I’m ready to bake a cake or banana bread and call it a day and the lack of ovens will not stop me 😉 I’m currently part of the Churchill ArtSoc and like the calmness of focusing on an art piece/structure. I am not a very sporty person, and Churchill is the place where I really tried to join a sport for the first time. I did rowing for a term and really enjoyed it despite the 7am cycles to the Boathouse, and I ended up really enjoying the Casual Badminton Club. But you know where you’ll find me most of the time? The Zen Garden! (Officially the Xiaotian Fu Garden.) It’s a magical spot to have picnics with friends and soak up the summer sun while reading a good book. I also like the Student Greenhouse nearby – that’s my secret hideout for planting flowers and herbs. Looking ahead, I’m aiming to stay in academia or work in environmental consultancy, where I can revolutionise sustainability and green development and make it a practical part of our everyday lives.”

Charlie Cambridge (U20)

“Hi, I am entering my final year of studying (Electronic) Engineering at Churchill. Outside of studies, I am part of the University Rugby League and Powerlifting Blues squads, for which the latter I serve on the executive committee as Secretary. Last year, we managed to win both respective varsities, made even more enjoyable by having the opportunity to share the experience with a handful of other Churchill students scattered throughout the clubs. Inside Churchill, the (only) student-run casino, College rugby club, and internal engineering society have all offered great ways to meet people from both within and outside my own course. It will be great to hear from alumni about their experiences as a student and where life has taken them after Churchill.”

Rebecca Siddall (U18)

“Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’ve just finished my fourth year studying Natural Sciences, specialising in History and Philosophy of Science. Churchill has been an amazing home for me throughout my degree – the College is so welcoming, and I’ve met my closest friends here. I write for Varsity newspaper and enjoy art, but my passion is photography. Walking around the town, or even just the college grounds, provides such picturesque views to snap! Some of my favourite memories of my time here have been walks around Cambridge with friends, perhaps stopping at a coffee shop or wandering into the nearby fields. Having just come to the end of my own time at Churchill, I’m excited to hear from alumni about their own memories of the College.”

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