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Archives Centre: Image of the Month

The fifth Bikini Atoll atom bomb test, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

No cigar?

Finally, in the Archives Centre's 40th year, a small but significant gap in our holdings has been plugged: we have one of Churchill's cigars!

CAC wins UNESCO award

Mr Allen Packwood, Director of CAC, the Mayor of Tamworth, David Dawson of the UK National Committee for the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, and Sir David Wallace, Master of Churchill College. Are we ...

Archives Centre: Image of the Month

Image of the month from the Churchill Archives Centre.

Archives Centre: Image of the Month

Queen Elizabeth II's coronation from the photograph album of Clementine Churchill.

Archives Centre: Image of the Month

Margaret Thatcher in a slightly less ferrous light than usual, taking the trouble to send a hand-written letter in reply to a question from a small boy.

The Director's Secret

The unveiling of the new Churchill £5 note, already being dubbed 'The Winston' by some.