The Collegiate University is committed to the principle that no UK or EU student should be deterred from studying at Cambridge because of financial difficulties, so the Colleges and University offer generous bursaries to around 2,500 students each year.

The Bursary is not a loan — you do not need to repay it!

Am I Eligible?

  • Every student starting/continuing on a first undergraduate degree* in October 2016, who has an annual household income of less than £42,620 and who pays a Cambridge University Tuition Fee, will be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary.
  • The maximum bursary will be £3,500 (£5,600 for eligible mature students/care leavers) for students who start their course from 2012 onwards; it will be £3,400 for earlier cohorts. There is a sliding scale of support for income levels between £25,000 and £42,620
  • In 2016-17 we believe that around 2,500 UK students will be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary. That is more than 1 in 4 students.

How to Apply

  • All UK and EU students can apply for a tuition fee loan which is not income assessed. UK and EU students will all be assessed for a Cambridge Bursary by applying to the Student Loans Company and can apply online at:
    Please note: You must apply for an income assessment through Student Loans Company to receive a Cambridge Bursary. You don’t need to take up a loan if offered but you do have to apply.
  • We would advise you to apply to SLC as soon as possible but no later than August to ensure your bursary is fully approved for the earliest payment date in October. Make sure you and your parents/sponsors have not ‘opted out’ of giving SLC consent to share household financial information with the University.

How will I know if I am successful?

Your College will write to inform you if a bursary is awarded. Payments will be made termly and automatically into your bank account.

* Please see the CBS website for details of courses on which you may still be eligible for funding despite already holding a qualification at an equivalent level.

Terms & Conditions

In accepting a bursary, students are accepting the terms and conditions of the scheme and specifically that the financial information that their household has supplied to the Student Loans Company is accurate and complete; that if any statements are found to be false or misleading, their bursary may be withdrawn and that they have read and understood the information on eligibility, data protection and disclosure of information (

Data Protection Act and Disclosure of Information

The University will hold and process the data that you supply and that supplied by your Student Finance Agency and College: to assess applications for bursaries; for communication and mailings; and in order to evaluate the impact of the Scheme on admissions, on students’ progress at Cambridge, and after graduation. This data may be disclosed in confidence to Colleges, to the University, to the UK Government body Office For Fair Access, and to sponsors of the Scheme.

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