Cambridge University Students' Union CUSU committee 2017 banner

Hi everyone!

My name is Daisy and I am the President of the Cambridge University Students’ Union, or CUSU — we are the overarching representative body for students at the University. No matter your subject or college, whether you are an undergrad or postgrad, we are here for you!

With a team of 6 Sabbatical Officers (President, Education, Welfare, Women’s, Access and Disabled Students Officer) and staff, we work to make change and support students in the university. We sit on most of the important committees in the university – from the University Council to Admissions Forum – and campaign on student-related issues.

When it comes to University matters, we are the ones you want to contact to make a change or ask a question. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Any student can bring us ideas about changes you think need to be made, and our governing body is “CUSU Council”, held every 2 weeks. Any student can attend CUSU Council, and each college has 2 or 3 voting members. CUSU Council is a forum for discussing our policy and deciding what campaigns we should work on.

We also work alongside the Graduate Union, a separate but deeply interrelated organisation that works to represent post-graduate and mature students. The GU President, Darshana Joshi, can be contacted at

Please contact us via Facebook, twitter or email — our contact details can be found on the CUSU website. Also, and very importantly, check out our Freshers’ website for info and advice about the University!

Good luck over the next few years!

Daisy and the CUSU Team xxx

Freshers’ website