Political Leadership Symposium 13 Nov 2015

Today’s politicians and practitioners debate with historians and political scientists at Churchill College Leadership Symposium

Former Home Secretary The Right Honourable Charles Clarke and The Right Honourable Lord Mandelson are the keynote speakers at a one day symposium at Churchill College, Cambridge which will explore the challenge of understanding, assessing and improving political leadership.

The symposium, on Friday 13 November, will bring together historians and political scientists with politicians and practitioners in a multidisciplinary and cross party approach and is a collaboration between Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, The Møller Centre, Cambridge University Department of Politics and International Studies and the Faculty of History.

Allen Packwood and The Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke

Allen Packwood and The Right Honourable Charles Clarke

Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives Centre,  explained:

“The Archives Centre houses the records of past political leaders, including Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, and our keynote speaker Charles Clarke is a contributing author to a series of insightful books on British leaders that consider the leadership attributes of Labour, Conservative and Liberal leaders which will contribute to the study of political leadership.

The symposium will be chaired by our Master, Professor Dame Athene Donald, and I am delighted that amongst an esteemed panel of contributors is our new Møller By Fellow and internationally renowned US leadership scholar Professor Georgia Sorenson.”

Professor Dame Athene Donald, Master of Churchill College added:

“As the National and Commonwealth Memorial to Sir Winston Churchill, we have a focus on and understanding of leadership practice, regularly engaging with senior international leaders, future leaders, academics and policy makers. This symposium will build on the two leadership symposiums we have held (at Churchill College and The Møller Centre) earlier this year and provide an opportunity for further reflection in both a  historical and contemporary context .

We are in the unique position of being home to two centres for the study of leadership: the Churchill Archives Centre, which houses the personal papers of prominent political leaders of the recent past; and The Møller Centre, which focuses on practical leadership development and aims to inspire leadership practice with impact, through the delivery of its executive education interventions to leaders from across the globe.”

The symposium takes place in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Churchill College on Friday 13 November 10am–6pm. It is free to attend but registration is essential. 

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