Churchill 2015

Churchill 2015 is a unique international celebration of the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill, fifty years after his death, sixty years after his final resignation as prime minister, and seventy five years after his ‘finest hour’ leading the fight against fascism in 1940.

The launch of Churchill 2015 at the Churchill War Rooms in London today markes the beginning of Churchill-related activity that will take place around the world to commemorate his achievements, to highlight his vibrant existing legacy, to promote a range of educational opportunities and to bring his life and work to new audiences.

Churchill 2015 follows three main themes:

  • Commemoration: to mark this important anniversary appropriately
  • Education: to engage and inspire future generations
  • Legacy: to highlight, develop and enhance the existing work of Churchill organisations in delivering programmes focusing on leadership, debate and public speaking.

Churchill 2015 is being led by an alliance of those charities and institutions with an interest in the life or legacy of Sir Winston. A full list of partners and details of the planned activities is available on the Churchill Central website—a new online hub for Churchill-related content that aims to offer a definitive web resource for information about the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

Churchill Central