The Churchill College 2017 Spring Ball ‘Mirage’ is less than a month away! Therefore, the Archives Centre thought it was a great opportunity to put together a display of our favourite Churchill College May Ball and Spring Ball posters spanning the past 50 years. The posters are currently on display outside the Churchill College Dining Hall. However, if you are unable to view the display in person, do not worry, as they are here for you all to see!


From 1964-1969 Churchill College hosted a May Ball, however, these proved to be financially unsuccessful, and subsequently led to the cancelling of the 1970 May Ball due to poor ticket sales. Following this, from the late 1970s-1980s, the college hosted a June Event. However, this ended in 1987, when the college began hosting a Spring Ball which has since become an annual event!



May Ball poster, 1964


Programme for the first May Ball held in 1964. College archives, CCRF/113/3.


May Ball poster, 1969


Poster for the 1969 May Ball, ‘Elysium’, CCAC/123/4/3.




May Ball poster, 1970


Poster for the 1970 May Ball, Churchill Ball, which was ultimately cancelled due to poor ticket sales, CCAC 123/4/4.




Spring Ball poster, 1989


Flyer for the 1989 Spring Ball, and reference to the 1950s Hollywood classic, ‘Showboat’, CCAC/123/6/2.




Spring Ball posters, 1990s


Flyer for the 1994 Spring Ball, ‘Orient Express’, CCAC/123/6/2.

Flyer for the 1995 Spring Ball, ‘Last Chance Saloon’, CCAC/123/6/2.

Flyer for the 1998 Spring Ball, ‘Untouchables’, CCAC/123/6/5.

Flyer for the 007 inspired 1993 Spring Ball, ‘Thunderball’, CCAC/123/6/2.


Spring Ball posters, 1990s


Flyer for the 1997 Spring Ball, ‘Encompass’, CCAC/123/6/2.

Flyer for the 1996 Spring Ball, ‘Total Eclipse’, CCAC/123/6/2.




Spring Ball posters, 2000s


A retro 1950s themed poster for the 2008 Spring Ball, ‘Great Balls of Fire’, CCAC/123/6/8.

Leaflet for the 2007 Spring Ball, ‘Back in the Day’, CCAC/123/6/7.

Poster for the 2009 Spring Ball, ‘Tokyo: The Neon Sunrise’, CCAC/123/6/12.




Spring Ball posters, 2010s


A throwback to the 1960s for the 2010 Spring Ball, ‘A Hard Day’s Night: celebrating 50 years of Churchill College’, CCAC/123/6/14.

Poster for the 2011 Spring Ball, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, CCAC/123/6/15.


Spring Ball posters, 2010s


Poster for the 2012 Spring Ball, ‘New York: Big Lights: Big Dreams: Big City’, CCAC/123/6/16.

Flyer for the 2014 Spring Ball, ‘Monopoly’, CCAC/123/6/18.


Spring Ball posters, 2010s


Design for the ‘Dystopia’ Spring Ball website page, 2015, CCAC/123/6/19c, courtesy of Paul Cristian and C. L. Lei.

Poster for the 2016 Spring Ball, ‘Vault’, CCAC/123/6/20.


— Natasha Swainston, Archives Assistant

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