This rather ordinary-looking letter, newly arrived in the archives, is actually a key milestone in the history of this College. It was sent by the Senior Tutor of the time, John Morrison, to a Mr Anthony Jannink in September 1960, to offer him a place at Churchill for the following year. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, hundreds such letters are sent out to prospective students every year, but this was to be Churchill’s very first undergraduate place. The first buildings only went up in 1960, to house the two dozen postgraduates who were the first students of all to arrive at Churchill; the official opening of the college was not to be for another four years, in 1964.

Thank you to Mr Jannink, who had hung on to the letter for all these years, for donating it to the archives!

Letter offering the first undergraduate place at Churchill, 1960

Letter offering the first undergraduate place at Churchill, 1960. Reference: Churchill College archive, CCRF 151/37.

History of Churchill College

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