Picking up Professor Kelly's archive

Professor Kelly’s archive, as seen in the back of the Director’s car.

This is how an archive generally looks at first sight: a heap of boxes (that’s if we’re lucky, piles of loose papers if we’re not). You generally find it in a spare room on the floor of someone’s house, or in various drawers and filing cabinets, then it’s stuffed into the back of a car or van, before we trundle it back to the Archives Centre for sorting and listing.

Professor Kelly's archive

Professor Kelly’s archive in situ, with the Director and his daughter Amy Packwood.

In this case the bundle of boxes belonged to the late Professor Anthony Kelly, one of the founding Fellows of the College, who died last year. Allen and Amy Packwood are seen here assembling Professor Kelly’s papers for their last journey back to Churchill College from his house on Madingley Road. The photographs were taken by Professor Kelly’s daughter Marie-Clare. According to Allen,

“It was a busy afternoon, with lots of lifting, but all good conducted in a spirit of good humour tinged with sadness. And who said archives was a desk job?!”

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