Firstly, we would like to thank all 100 of you who completed our user survey. It has been great to hear what you think of our service. One of our readers even commented that we are “practically perfect in every way—like Mary Poppins”.

Photograph of Churchill


Thank you for all of your lovely comments! (Clementine Churchill Papers, CSCT 5/7/5).

We have received some excellent feedback and suggestions for how to continue to improve our service.

You said and we did/are in the process of doing

We have collated your responses and here are the three most frequent comments we received along with action we are planning to take:

“…a water cooler in the corridor by the lockers. It’s a long way at the moment to get a drink”

We are pleased to report we shall shortly be getting a water cooler installed in the Jock Colville Hall, so it will soon only be a short trip!

“More pencils (on table)”

We have placed a pencil pot (a Churchill mug) by the reading room desk filled with pencils for readers to use.

“It’s too cold!”

Image from the Illustrated Arctic News


Image from the Illustrated Arctic News showing what well-dressed Arctic explorers were wearing in 1850 [RUKE 10].

The reading room is air-conditioned, for the better preservation of the archives, therefore, in particular in the summer months, it can get a bit cold. We do, however, have fashionable Churchill College hoodies available for anyone feeling chilly. In addition, we have now made it clearer within the emails we send to new readers that the reading rooms are cold and also placed clear signs within the reading room that we have hoodies available.

Churchill Hoodie


Churchill hoodie.

85% of you said you did not know about our “Churchill- Founder and Foundation” exhibition in the Wolfson Foyer.

Wolfson Foyer


The Wolfson Foyer.

Churchill- Founder and Foundation exhibition


We have improved signage in the reading room to promote the exhibition more to our users and we will promote the display via Twitter.

Overall the feedback we received was extremely positive regarding the reading room service and our online services.

“An excellent archive—very friendly staff and most easy to use 10/10!”

— Natasha Swainston, Archives Assistant

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