Veterans of the Arctic Convoys

Veterans of the Arctic Convoys, visiting the Archives Centre.

Last Thursday the Archives Centre was honoured and delighted to host a visit for Arctic convoy veterans, an event organised by the Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society.

Veterans of the Arctic Convoys

The Director introducing the Archives Centre.

Director Allen Packwood gave a brief introduction about the Archives Centre, then a display designed to encourage reminiscences and discussion was presented to the veterans. The display items included Captain Jackie Broome’s track chart showing the movements of the ill-fated PQ17 convoy, Admiral Ramsey’s midshipman log book and a sextant damaged by an exploding shell at the Battle of Jutland.

Veterans of the Arctic Convoys

Following the display Professor David Reynolds gave a short presentation which was followed by a question and answer session with the veterans – around 70 people attended the event.

The veterans enthralled us all with their anecdotes and recollections, there was singing aplenty and even some impromptu dancing in the Jock Colville Hall!

— Louise Watling

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