As the country continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, the Churchill community is working as hard as ever. Whilst many members are focussed on the pandemic itself, others are continuing to be recognised for their work in other arenas. With this in mind, we’re aiming to bring you a weekly “good news” update. Here’s what has been happening in the last few days.


Fellow and Statistician Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter appeared on the Andrew Marr show about untrustworthy statistics in the government’s daily briefings, and discussed how deaths were being ‘exported’ back into the community. He also discussed the risks that Covid-19 posed to children.

Social psychologist Dr Sander van der Linden was profiled by the University after the psychology of pandemics reached the top of his research agenda.

Economist Professor Diane Coyle co-wrote a blog post for the London School of Economics on whether austerity will be repeated in the light of the ongoing pandemic.


The Churchill Archives Centre announced the winners of its lockdown diary competition.

Poet and By-Fellow Bhanu Kapil’s book, How To Wash A Heart, has just been released by Pavilion Poetry (Liverpool University Press), and has been selected as the Poetry Book Society Choice for the summer. It received a positive review in The Guardian, where it was featured as a “best recent poetry collection.”

The Møller Institute are posting weekly leadership insights from their teaching team and this week’s edition features a  discussion on leadership between Amy Brann and Sudhanshu Palsule, both Associates at Møller Institute.  Amy introduces a discussion with Sudhanshu to find out his views on the most essential leadership behaviour; the most overrated leadership trait, and the leadership story he most admires and seeks to emulate.

Geologist Dr Neil Davies discussed pebbles on BBC Radio 4.

We will continue to keep you informed of all of the work being done by the Churchill College Community. If you have any news you would like to share, please get in touch by emailing