We are thrilled to announce that donations to a class gift by those who returned for their reunion in July this year, reached the target and have therefore successfully endowed a full bursary for an undergraduate.

We received over £97,000 in donations and pledges in the space of five months, and as some of the donations were matched through the telethon we have now reached over £110,000 in endowment.

The fund will support a UK or EU (under present regulations) undergraduate, by giving a bursary of £3,500 per year for living costs. After consultation with the year group, we have agreed on a name of ‘The 1977–81 Bursary’. Bursaries are means-tested and are awarded to those whose parental income is under £42,000 per year, while full bursaries of £3,500 are awarded to those whose parental income is less than £25,000. 

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The alumni of the year felt that as they had benefited from being at the College, and with students now facing debts of well over £9,000 per year, they would like to continue to encourage as diverse a field of applicants as possible at Churchill. Thanks to the support of over 120 alumni from the years, the first bursary should be awarded in the next academic year.

We’re particularly grateful to Peter Hughes (U77), Anne Morrison (U78) Simon Henry (U79), Niall McLeod (U79), Shaun Parker (U80) and Susie Clements (U81) for championing this cause amongst their years.

It is not too late to add your support, and new donors will also now unlock funding for more undergraduate support to come to Churchill via the Harding Challenge fund. Thanks to all who have already contributed.

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