Making sure that the best and brightest can come to Churchill to study, irrespective of background or the ability to pay is only possible with the help of student financial support.

This is why raising funds for student support was the focus of the December 2016 Churchill College Telephone Fundraising campaign, when 13 student callers enjoyed a wide range of conversations with 668 alumni to help raise money for this life-changing resource.

The campaign was supported by over 330 donors resulting in the College raising an astonishing £484,210 over 10 years, including £80,000 from alumnus Dr Adrian Hobden (U&G72) whose generous commitment to match fund, pound for pound, the first £80K of donations raised for student support had a massive positive impact on the campaign. This is a marvellous testament to the generosity of our alumni and the College is hugely grateful to all those who pledged their support for the campaign.

One of the current students benefitting from student financial support is Miriam Balanescu, a 19 year old second year English undergraduate from North London.  As a student of Parliament Hill, a state secondary school, she attended an access talk by a Cambridge alumnus that proved to be a pivotal moment in her life.  Having previously planned not to apply to University, and to work locally in retail, she was inspired to switch direction and set her sights on a place at Cambridge. Her family circumstances meant that a crucial part of her decision making process was the discovery that an annual bursary of £3,500 was available to her. 

Miriam Balanescu
Miriam Balanescu

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Visit the Campaign webpage to read Miriam’s full story, watch the student bursary video, discover other student stories and donate.