From the 20 June – 9 July 13 current Churchill students took to the phones to connect with our alumni community, build relationships and raise vital funds for this year’s Annual Fund Campaign.

Once again our students enjoyed a wide range of wonderful conversations with 655 alumni, a record-breaking 58% of whom decided to make a gift in support of the campaign benefiting Student Bursaries, Graduate Studentships and unrestricted funds. A fantastic £207,576 was pledged over three years – rising to almost £400,000 when longer-term pledges are taken into account.

Our student callers gained a huge amount of life insight and careers advice as well as raising funds for the College and you can hear more about the experiences of our student callers in the short video below.

We always say that every gift makes a difference, no matter how small, but donations made during the telephone campaign to Student Bursaries, including the 1977–81 Bursary and the College’s pioneering Winston Churchill Top-Up Bursaries also benefited from match funding and donations to these funds were doubled, thanks to the generosity of three alumni.

It is not too late to contribute to the campaign and you can find out more about the case for support and donate by visiting the ‘Opening Doors’ campaign page. Some people have mentioned that they do not feel able to give, as the amount they might feel comfortable with is too modest to be worthwhile. All donations, of whatever size, are very welcome and really do make a difference. For example, a one-off gift of £50 from everyone contacted on this telephone campaign would raise almost £33,000 for the projects we are supporting this year, before gift aid or match-funding is applied. Hence wide participation is really important and it encourages others to help us too. If you missed a call from a student, or would like to add your support, you can still donate online and we are tremendously grateful for every gift given!

Opening Doors Campaign page