CCBC had five boats competing in the CUCBC Lent Bumps this term, with W2 and M3 gaining places through the getting on race. Results were neutral overall, though the first women went up one place to finish at 11 in the first division.

It is wonderful that in  the18/19 academic year the club recruited a large number of novices. This leads to having more competitions and races to enter, and while the Club gets an annual grant from the College’s resource and finance committee (as do other sports clubs), rowing as a sport requires more expenditure on insurance and maintenance costs and equipment than most others.

We also run a policy of inclusivity which means the club doesn’t charge subscription rates for members, and this means we need funds to subsidise training camps so that all can take part, whatever their financial circumstances.

We also have been fortunate to receive funding from generous donors for large items such as boats but there are other essentials such as new oars needed from time to time. We would be most grateful for any ongoing donations to help students discover the huge benefits in fitness, teamwork, camaraderie, time managements, and pleasure that rowing brings!

The Club’s Overall Captain, Tom Upton (U15, engineering) writes:

The club is currently growing and with a larger club comes more financial pressures for wear and tear and race entries (something we’ve been trying to get lower boats doing more in recent years) and keeping training camp affordable. However our annual funding from College hasn’t changed to meet this (there are other calls on College resources).

If you would like to donate to the boat club, you can set up a direct debit using our form and selecting fund 02515 (Boat Club Fund), so all the money goes to the Club.

Even at £10 a month, across 8 people this is £960 a year(or £1,200 with Gift Aid), which is over 10% of the club’s current operating budget, so it does really go a long way.

Thank you very much – Forward!

Race reports for Lent Bumps are available on the CCBC website:

Read the race reports

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