Churchill College Boat Club is once again the most successful College Boat Club on the Cam.

May Bumps 2015 saw another stunning week for Churchill College Boat Club. Yet again, no crews went down. This means a whole cohort of Churchill rowers has come to the end of their first year without ever experiencing being bumped.

Our M3, M2 and W2 all won their blades by moving up 4 places, with W1 going up 3 and M1 bumping just once in an unlucky week – the fastest crew around but not fast enough to secure bumps before the boats ahead. This is the reality of bumps racing, and shows just how impressive the blades of the lower boats are.

This all adds up to mean that CCBC have won the Pegasus Cup for best club in the May Bumps for the second time in three years, along with the equivalent Marconi Cup in Lents.

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Photo credit: Giorgio Divitini