The College would like to congratulate the following winners of University and College Prizes for 2016. 

  • Miss A Garner is awarded the Mau-sang Ng Prize for her performance in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies IB
  • Miss S K Gilbert is awarded the Michael Loewe Prize for her performance in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies IA
  • Miss M Gimenez Fernandez is awarded the Civil Engineers Roscoe Prize for Soil Mechanics
  • Miss A Terki-Mignot is awarded the Faculty of History Prize for her performance in Part I of the Historical Tripos, to be shared with one other student
  • Mr S Swaroop is awarded the Institution of Civil Engineers Baker Prize, to be shared with D Kavolis
  • Mr S Thompson is awarded the Michael Loewe Prize for his performance in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Part II, shared with I Page-Jarrett (Homerton)
  • Mr G Weisz is awarded the ECM Prize for his performance in Computer Science Part II
  • Mr T E B Winder is awarded the Harkness Prize for his performance in Natural Sciences III Geological Sciences, shared with C Bond (Trinity Hall)
  • Mr A M L Wolff is awarded a prize for the best performance in Archaeology in Human, Social and Political Sciences

Named College Prizes

  • Edwyn Charles Hart Memorial Prize: Mr S Lai (Mathematics II)
  • Hart-Marshall Prize in the Arts and Humanities: Mr S Thompson (AMES II)
  • Hart-Marshall Prize for English: Miss B H Mortimer Dubow (English II) 
  • Beatrice Blore-Browne Prize: Mr J P Parker (Mathematics III)
  • Miss R M Snow  (Natural Sciences II: Biological & Biomedical Sciences)

Subject Prizes

Bill Brown Prize
Four Prizes for Engineering 

  • Mr A Gupta (Engineering IA)
  • Mr C H E Fong (Engineering IB)
  • Mr S Swaroop (Engineering IIA)
  • Mr N Thayakaran (Engineering IIB)

Hawthorne Prize for Engineering

  • Miss M Gimenez Fernandez (Engineering IIB)

Broers Prize for Computing Science

  • Mr G Weisz (Computer Science II)

Bullard Prize for Physics/Earth Sciences

  • Mr J Patchett (Natural Sciences IB)
  • Mr D Foo (Natural Sciences II: Physics)
  • Mr D Spencer (Natural Sciences II: Earth Sciences)

 Classics Prize

  • Miss F E Thomas (Classics II)

Christine and Hermann Bondi Prize for Mathematics

  • M M L Li (Mathematics IB)
  • Mr S Lai (Mathematics II)

Tout Tristram Prizes for Mathematics

  • Mr S Lai (Mathematics II)
  • Bhagwati Prize for Biological Sciences
  • Mr D J Aries (Natural Sciences II: Psychology)

Katritzky Prize for Chemistry

  • Mr T Zhou (Natural Sciences II: Chemistry)

Anthony and Christina Kelly Prize in Materials and Minerals Sciences

  • Mr S G D Turner (Natural Sciences IA)

Mitsuharu Hara Prize 

  • Miss R Jain (Economics IIB)

Medical and Veterinary Fund Prizes

  • MVST IA Prize
  • Miss J A Shuttleworth
  • MVST IB Prize
  • Miss D Nagy
  • MVST Third Year Prize
  • Miss E Rocheteau  (Engineering IIA)

Alex Hopkins Memorial Prize for Chemistry

  • Mr D Nicolson (Chemistry III)

College Prizes

First Years

  • Miss L Gimeno (HSPS I)

Second Years

  • Miss V Germanova (English II)
  • Mr E Thorfinn George (HSPS IIA)

Third Years

  • Mr H Berridge-Dunn (HSPS IIB)
  • Mr K H Lee (HSPS IIB)

Churchill Students at MIT 2015/16

  • Mr M Hollands (Engineering IIA)
  • MIT Students at Churchill 2015/16
  • Mr E R Tasker (Economics IIA)