What do academics actually do? What motivates them to get out of bed each morning and to deliver what is — or in many cases what isn’t expected of them?

These are just some of the questions The Master, Professor Dame Athene Donald will ask a selection of distinguished academics in a new series of conversations with distinguished academics.

For a student setting out, the life of senior academics may seem very mysterious, particularly as many may end up taking on responsibilities and activities far removed from where an individual started.

The trajectory from student to senior academic is rarely a straight line, with twists, setbacks, time out and/or opportunities (taken or declined) all to be combined with a personal life. This series of conversations aims to explore the individual paths of some eminent academics who have made it to the top in their own particular ways. How have they found their own solutions to ‘life’, what tips do they wish they’d been given earlier on, and what might they view, retrospectively, with most pleasure or regret? 

The first in the series on October 12th will feature Professor Dame Carol Robinson, DBE FRS, Dr Lee’s Professor of Chemistry, Oxford University and Honorary Fellow of Churchill College. The series will also feature conversations with the classicist Professor Mary Beard and neuroscientist Professor Uta Frith.

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