Following a sterling 22 years of service and over 3 million meals served to our students alone, work has begun on a project to revamp the College’s dining hall servery.

Refurbishing the servery units and replacing them with modern, up-to-date lower power rating units will help meet the College’s sustainability aim to remove high energy consumption equipment. The old units will be refurbished and given a second life. The planned improvements will have other benefits in addition to meeting the College’s reduced energy targets.

What can we look forward to?

  • Food served in dishes on ceramic hobs rather than being served from metal trays
  • More space in the servery area and easier movement around the space. Achieved by reducing the area size of the pillars to their original concrete form and reducing the number of refrigeration units.
  • Lower counter heights making the area more wheelchair accessible
  • Re-location of the salad bar to the far right-hand wall
  • Re-vamped coffee counter outside the main servery
  • Relocation of cash registers

Artist’s impression of the new servery area

Project timescale

Ninety per cent of the works will be carried out by our in-house maintenance team. The project will be carried out in stages over the summer, michaelmas term and winter break with a completion date of January 2024. This phased approach will be critical to ensuring there is no disruption to normal catering services. The only close-down period will be in December and January when the College closes for the usual Christmas break.

Project design is by ifse innovative food service environments.

If you have any questions, please contact David Oakley.