We are pleased to announce that our annual Enterprise Competition will be sponsored by the Federation of Shenzhen Commerce for the next three years.

The Competition is open to all members of the College with an innovative service or product they would like to develop. Winners receive mentoring from experienced company directors and a cash prize to enable them to develop their ideas further.

The Master of the College, Professor Dame Athene Donald, signed the agreement at a meeting at the College, with the Federation being represented by its Chair, Ms Lin Hui. Prior to this delegates heard a speech on Cambridge’s approach to innovation given by Churchill Fellow and Professor of Innovation, Tim Minshall. We are grateful to Varsity Academy and Li Peng and Jing Gao (G08) for facilitating this agreement.

The Master said in her speech she hoped that this would be the first of many collaborations between the College and companies in the Shenzhen region of China, and thanked the Federation for supporting innovative ideas at the College.

This year the prize launches in October 2018, with the presentations scheduled for April 2019.

The last Churchill Enterprise Competition winners were PhD student Dr Chioma Achi (G17) for her passionate pitch outlining a scheme that aims to bring dignity and hope to vesicovaginal fistula patients facing stigma and discrimination, alumna Dr Jacqui Poon (G12) for her pitch outlining a mobile trading platform for smallholder farmers to sell their produce to better markets and increase their household incomes, and PhD student Bang Ming Yong (G15) who demonstrated how using virtual reality as a training tool can teach autistic children to cope with day-to-day challenges and learn new concepts.