This programme of events for represents an amalgam of the academic, the administrative and the social.

All three are important, but Churchill is fundamentally a home for scholarship, where your work must come first. Your first week will involve a good deal of socialising, but from early on you will also need to get your head down and focus on your studies.

Please note that formal College activities, which you should consider compulsory, unless advised otherwise, are written in standard text, whereas activities in italics are organised by societies and the JCR.


Please note: This year, for the first time, we have two Freshers’ Programmes, one for Natural Sciences students showing their more complex timetabling and another for students in all other subjects, and the Academic Session which is a subset of their commitments on Sunday 1 October.

General Freshers Programme (non NatSci students)

General Freshers Programme 2017

Freshers Programme for students studying Natural Sciences

NatSci Freshers Programme 2017

Academic Session: Sunday 1 October 2017, 2.15pm (unless otherwise stated below)

Meet in Wolfson Hall then disperse to allocated rooms with Directors of Studies

Download timetable (PDF)

Science Subjects   Room
Computer Science Dr John Fawcett Club Room
Engineering Dr Chris Hicks & Dr Sumeetpal Singh Jock Colville Hall
Geography Dr Nick Cutler Dr Cutler will be in touch
Mathematics Dr Paul Russell no meeting required
Medics and Vets Dr Elizabeth Soilleux Wolfson Hall
NST – Biological Dr Adrian Barbrook Seminar Room 1
NST – Chemical
& Physical
Dr Katherine Stott & Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright Fellows Dining Room
Arts Subjects   Room
Archaeology Dr Elizabeth DeMarrais IA
Architecture Dr Minna Sunikka-Blank Meet Monday 2 October 10am in 33B
Asian & Middle
Eastern Studies
Mss Emma Wu Seminar Room 2
Classics Dr Jerry Toner 43E
Economics Mr Nigel Knight 48E
English Dr Isobel Maddison Dr Maddison will be in touch
History Dr Leigh Denault 31A
History & Politics Dr Peter Sloman IE
Human, Social
& Political Sciences
Dr Pieter van Houten Meet Monday 2 Oct 10am in the Bevin Room
Law Mr Bobby Reddy Cockcroft Room
& Medieval Languages
Dr Edmund Birch Seminar Room 5
Music Dr Delphine Mordey Tizard Room
Philosophy Dr Louise Hanson  Dr Hanson will be in touch
& Behavioural Sciences
Dr Miha Constantinescu  Meet Monday 2 October 10am in Seminar Room 2
3.15pm Question and Answer session