Our new graduate houses at 36 Storey’s Way are now nearing completion with the interiors starting to take shape.

The houses, designed by architects Cottrell and Vermeulen with Barnes Construction as the building contractor, echo the College’s existing architectural style, and in particular the three current graduate houses named Bondi, Broers and Hawthorne houses – affectionately known as the ‘pepperpots’. The new houses include features such as bespoke terracotta tiling, copper roofing, wooden floors and window seats in the interior. The roofing, flooring and seats are heavily influenced by the main College buildings and some exterior features by the arts and crafts housing on Storey’s way.

The new housing is comprised of 30 en-suite student rooms and five studio flats to house graduate students at Churchill College. The new accommodation means that the College will be able to offer housing for all of its graduate students on-site for at least two years of study, so that they can enjoy being part of the College community and access all academic, social and dining facilities on campus.

A screenshot from @PrissyDesigner's Instagram. A photo of the interior of one of the rooms under construction, with the caption "Another Churchill College shot : rooms are just what we envisioned - warm, bright and beautiful. Birch-faced plywood with oak accents. Maple flooring out of site and terrazo not in yet. Looking so similar to 1:25 model by @mikoko.g

Photo: Priscilla Fernandes @Prissydesigner

Furnishing the accommodation for the communal spaces and the five flats in the development will cost over £100,000. We intend to use bespoke designed Luke Hughes table and chairs in the communal rooms – these are oak framed and will be durable, sturdy and appropriate to the design language of the building. Using Luke Hughes provides a rather nice link to the original furnishing of the College, as this was done by Robin Day, with whom Luke Hughes worked at the time. Furthermore, Luke Hughes supplied the new dining Hall chairs, the quality of which we have been delighted with. Another important feature of this furniture is that as solid pieces we are hopeful that they can be repaired rather than replaced as necessary, and will last for over fifty years.

If you would like to contribute towards the furniture, please use our online donation form selecting ‘Graduate Accommodation Project’ from the dropdown fund menu:

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All donors to the project will be invited to its formal opening, and a private tour, on 27 September 2019.