As a College, we take our responsibility to climate and sustainability seriously. We also benefit from the insight and knowledge of our Fellows, and the skills we have invested in to make sure we have the best people taking our sustainability work forward. One example of our work in this area is the installation of a network of green roofs, and we are proud to have twenty green roofs across the estate, with plans to add more!

Green roofs offer multiple benefits – they reduce heat, provide insulation, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and prevent fires. They also improve water run-off from roofs, enhance biodiversity and create pollinators for bees.

Some of the best plants for green roofs are alliums, mosses, sedums, clover and wildflower. We have a mix of green roofs at Churchill, many are sedum but we also have moss and grass and are installing our first clover and wildflower roof over the bike shed this summer. Looking ahead, subject to obtaining statutory consents our aim is to use green roofs extensively around the site.

Find out more about the College’s sustainability ambitions by visiting our dedicated sustainability page.