PhD student Tobias Nyumba’s research to feature on Voice America’s radio programme ‘Our Wild World’ with Eli Ross on 27 October, 2014 at 4pm (GMT)

Tobias has been working in African elephant conservation and management in Kenya for over 12 years. He began as a research assistant with Space for Giants Trust working to address the issues of human elephant conflict, expanding his activities to include applied research on appropriate conflict mitigation techniques among rural farmers in Kenya toward furthering elephant conservation and management models, monitoring, and find measures to address the poaching of elephants.

He has published several papers on the performance of conflict mitigation techniques, facilitated training and capacity building of both local scouts and academics to gain practical skills in the field that support various elephant conservation, and management policy development processes in Kenya toward building a network of international conservationists addressing Human-elephant- wildlife conflict mitigation development in Kenya and beyond. He started his PhD here at Churchill in 2013.

Tune in to Voice America Radio to hear more about Tobias’s research:

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You can also watch Tobias’s talk at the 2014 MCR Conference on Everything:

Tobias Nyumba: YouTube


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