Churchill College hosts the first episode of finals week in Masterchef 2015.

In the first of the 2015 finale episodes of Masterchef 2015, the show’s five last contestants cooked a five-course dinner devised by leading British chef, Michael Caines in honour of the College’s founder — Sir Winston Churchill, fifty years after his death.

Hosted by Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives Centre, dinner guests included; Celia Sandys, one of Churchill’s ten grandchildren, Churchill’s great-grandson Randolph Churchill, renowned Churchill academics Cita Stelzer and David Reynolds. 

Mr Packwood said:

“The idea was to stage a dinner in honour of Sir Winston Churchill on the 50th anniversary of his death, so the obvious place to do that was the College, as it had the kitchens to meet the Masterchef requirements as well.

“My role was hosting the evening, with a small dinner for five Churchill experts. We knew there might have been a lot of blood, sweat and tears going on behind the scenes, but we didn’t get to see any of that from where we were.”

Masterchef. Photograph: Production/BBC/Shine

Watch the episode

The Churchill College episode of Masterchef aired on 20 April on BBC One. 

Churchill 2015

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Churchill 2015

Photograph-top: Production/BBC/Shine