We are delighted to announce that our new networking platform, Churchill Connect, is now ready.

What is Churchill Connect?

This is an exciting new website just for Churchill members, where alumni can reconnect with old friends and share memories, as well as create groups by subject or matriculation year etc, in much the same way you can on Facebook. It also allows users to network with other alumni who are in a position to help with career advancement – whether by offering quick advice by message, or arranging a meeting: you can choose the level of help you are prepared to offer others. Users can advertise job or internship opportunities.

We look forward to offering the service to current students but are first launching the product to our alumni. This new platform replaces the Alumni Community on our current website – something we have long felt in need of an overhaul as the functionality we wanted to offer was not possible in that web environment. We believe this offers all the advantages of that directory for those who want to track down friends, but with a lot more features and networking opportunities! We will no longer be offering the Alumni Community on our website as we believe this is a much better tool. (Alumni will, of course, still be able to do everything else on our main website, such as book events and High Table etc.)

There is no advertising on the site and any data you enter won’t be made available to third parties.

Registering your free account

Signing up is easy: you can register with an email address, or through your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account.

Easy to use

We think Churchill Connect provides an intuitive user experience. Posting content from other sources is simple and you can even link up your LinkedIn account (once registered use the cog wheel icon at the top of your profile page to access your account settings).

Let us know your feedback

We’d love to hear what you think of our exciting new product. If you have any problems, questions or feedback, please contact us at alumni@chu.cam.ac.uk.

We hope you like the new platform as much as we do!

Join Churchill Connect now!

Photo Credit: Sir Cam, University of Cambridge