Association Weekend 2016

The Association Weekend 2016 brought more of us together than ever to enjoy our cheaper dinner prices, an excellent buffet & wine-tasting, Cowan Court’s formal opening and celebrations of literature, engineering and astronomy.

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Association Weekend 2017

Next year we celebrate our Founding Master Sir John Cockcroft who split the atom in the (Old) Cavendish Lab with Ernest Walton — they shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1951.

Events for 22–24 September 2017 are to include Jim Al-Khalili as our Dinner Speaker, a special Churchill Association visit to the New Cavendish and a panel including Professor Rolf Heuer (Director-General of CERN), Dame Sue Ion and Graham Farmelo. See you there!

Year reps

Are you still in touch with some of your college contemporaries? Would you like to forward Association emails and invitations to them from time to time? It’s a great way to keep in touch with the College and friends and that’s all we ask, spreading the word about the many ways we get together. Please contact the Alumni Officer