We have created this site to enable us to present the information that you will require over the coming months. Due to the ongoing pandemic, will we be regularly updating these pages with new and important information. It is therefore vital that you check them frequently. 

You will see there are clearly defined areas within the site. You will need to spend time finding out what information is contained in each area, to make sure you know what is relevant to you.

It is important that you meet all deadlines by following links, booking online, and submitting documents as required. If you have any problems with our document upload system, please contact computing@chu.cam.ac.uk 

If you have any queries this site must be your first port of call. Each area contains direct links to ‘Contacts’ that can help you with related queries.

We hope you find this helpful. Do check these pages regularly, updates will be reported through our ‘Latest News’ section.

— Mrs Liz Neal, Admissions Officer

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