Congratulations to Churchill Postdoctoral By-Fellow Alexey Amunts who has won The Lennart Nilsson Award for scientific imaging for his contribution to the visualisation of fundamental biological structures using electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM).

Alexey has established the first high resolution cryo-EM laboratory in Sweden enabling Swedish scientists to investigate arrangements of atoms in biomolecules that leads to unraveling of their mechanisms of action. His research group at Stockholm University and Science for Life Laboratory has been developing a better understanding of the structure of central molecular complexes involved in gene expression and bioenergetics, providing crucial information about functioning of cells that can be also valuable for tailoring drug design.

The international Lennart Nilsson Award of SEK 100,000 (£9,100) is awarded annually to acknowledge visual and imaging techniques in education and research within the fields of medicine, biology and engineering. It is administered by the Lennart Nilsson Foundation and awarded annually by Karolinska Institutet

Alexey became a By-Fellow of Churchill College in 2014 and is an alumnus of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Alexey Amunts’ research group

Photo: Alexey Amunts is receiving the Lennart Nilsson Award from Vice-Chancellor Karin Dahlman-Wright at the Karolinska Institutet inauguration ceremony.