FRS 2017

Krishna Chatterjee, Julia King, Baroness Brown , Robert Ritchie , Tony Bell and Nicola Spaldin

Five Churchillians have been honoured by recent election as Fellows of the Royal Society:

  • Krishna Chatterjee (UG 1976 and current Fellow), Professor of Endocrinology at Cambridge University
  • Julia King, Baroness Brown (Fellow 1987-94 and current Fellow), former Vice Chancellor of Aston University
  • Robert Ritchie (UG and PG 1966; Goldsmith’s Junior Research Fellow 1972—74),  Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley
  • Tony Bell (UG and PG 1971), Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford
  • Nicola Spaldin (UG 1988), Professor of Materials Theory at ETH Zurich

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