Dr Hannah RowlandCongratulations to Dr Hannah Rowland, Junior Research Fellow, who has been appointed to a lectureship in Ecology and Evolution in the University Department of Zoology. Hannah’s research in behavioural ecology ranges from dietary decision making in songbirds to the evolution of prey defences and predator learning behaviour including masquerade (when animals mimic the appearance of inanimate objects such as twigs and leaves).

Hannah’s PhD entitled: “The visual and behavioural ecology of countershading and other defences” (University of Liverpool), studied wild free-living birds in the field, and captive wild-caught birds in aviary experiments. Her research resulted in four published papers, including one in Nature as well as two prizes: the Thomas Henry Huxley Award from the Zoological Society of London (for best zoology thesis in the UK), and the Alfred Russel Wallace Award from the Royal Entomological Society (for best entomology thesis).

Before joining Churchill College as a Junior Research Fellow, Hannah was a NERC-funded postdoctoral research associate at the University of Glasgow, where she investigated the evolution of masquerade —  animals mimicing the appearance of inanimate objects such as twigs and leaves.

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