In 2008 the Hart-Marshall Prizes were first established at Churchill College thanks to generous donations from Professor Jonathan Hart (Overseas Fellow 2007–08).

Since then, the Professor of Comparative Literature at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University has kindly continued to support both the Hart-Marshall Prize in Arts & Humanities and the Hart-Marshall Prize for English.

This year the prizes have been awarded to:

Hart-Marshall Prize in the Arts and Humanities
Mr Robert Driscoll (MML II)
Mr Matthew Han (HSPS IIB)

Hart-Marshall Prize for English
Miss Amelia Robson (English II)

All the recipients were thrilled and honoured to have won.

Robert Driscoll explains why It means so much to him to have won the Hart-Marshall Prize:

‘The college has always been fantastic in supporting me both academically and pastorally, allowing me to get on with my studies and grow to love my subject.’

Matthe Han commented:

‘While awards are not the whole part, nor even a significant part, of why I continue to strive to be academically excellent, it would be amiss to say they have no part to play in keeping a student going in the life-long endurance race that is academia.’

Amelia Robinson was hugely grateful to receive the Hart-Marshall Prize for English, explaining:

‘The funding from the prize was used towards a trip to Germany, where I carried out an internship with The Universal Sea (an environmental initiative), and the time I spent there confirmed my desire to pursue media work as a next step after university.’

If you would be interested in supporting College Prizes at Churchill please do get in touch with the Development Office either by emailing or calling 01223 336240.

A current list of all the prizes available to our students can be found on the College website. Each award made is based on academic merit and prizes range from £50–£350.