Honorary Fellow, Professor Michael Green FRS has been awarded The Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2014 for opening new perspectives on quantum gravity and the unification of forces along with John H. Schwarz.

The Fundamental Physics Prize recognizes transformative advances in the field and is awarded by the Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation; a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing knowledge of the Universe at the deepest level by awarding annual prizes for scientific breakthroughs, as well as communicating the excitement of fundamental physics to the public.

Art Levinson, the chairman of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation, said:

“We are honoured to recognize such an outstanding group of scientists as this year’s Breakthrough Prize Laureates. We are sure they will continue to push back the boundaries of knowledge in the years to come.”

Professor Green standing in front of a blackboard of mathematical equations

Professor Green is one of the pioneers of string theory and the current Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

Professor Michael Green