Karolis Misiūnas, Steven Marsh and Richard Bowman listed in Forbes’ ’30 under 30′ Europe list in Science & Healthcare.

Four Churchillians have been named among the 30 most influential Europeans by Forbes Magazine in their inaugural ’30 Under 30’ Europe list.

The list includes 300 of the top European young leaders, creative inventors and entrepreneurs from across 10 categories – Media, Industry, Policy, Retail and E-Commerce, The Arts, Entertainment, Social Entrepreneurs, Science and Health Care, Technology, and Finance. All of those named were selected by a panel of accomplished and acclaimed experts in that particular field.

Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes, said:

 “Researching, vetting and launching our first ever 30 Under 30 Europe list was an incredible task. We scoured the continent to find the most talented millennials and, with the help of our expert judges, are proud to honour 300 of the most important young entrepreneurs, creative leaders and brightest stars in Europe right now.”

Four Churchillians — Karolis Misiūnas, Steven Marsh, Richard Bowman and John Barrett have been listed in the Science and Healthcare category.

Karolis Misiūnas, 27 (G11, Physics) is currently undertaking a PhD at Churchill studying how particles couple with each other and how strongly at the deepest observational levels. He specifically examines what happened to these interactions as particles pass through channels, information that is critical for research involving channels or protein pores. His research has discovered, among other things, that the particles in the liquid can interact at any distance.

Steven Marsh, 27 (G10 CompSci) is the Founder and CEO of GeoSpock — a big data search engine for the rapidly-changing, multi-dimensional, physical world. It was an idea he conceived as a PhD student working on developing a real-time, extreme-scale super computer for simulating human brain function. Founded in 2013 with fellow entrepreneur Darrin Disley, Geospock is developing a big data search engine that handles geospatial data in real time, targeting everything from autonomous vehicles to genomics. Steven’s vision is that Geospock will become the go-to solution for complex big data.

Richard Bowman, 29 (U04, NatSci) is a physicist and Co-Founder of Waterscope — a Cambridge based company developing the world’s fastest water bacteria testing kit. About a tenth of the world’s population lacks access to clean water and Bowman wants to change that by replacing today’s slow and expensive water testing, which relies on the naked-eye, with a 3D-printed microscope that images single bacteria directly. Already the author of nearly 50 scientific papers, he has co-founded a company to commercialise the optical technology and hopes to start selling devices later this year. Richard is currently a Junior Research Fellow at Queens’ College.

John Barrett

John Barrett, 27 (U06, CompSci) graduated from Churchill in Computer Science and is now a Phd student at Newcastle University, where he works in neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfaces. The neuroprosthetic of interest to John is currently an optogenetics-based retinal prostesis to restore sight.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list


Images courtesy of Forbes Magazine