Until recently, other than a few reunion dinners, I had spent very little time in Cambridge since graduating 30 years ago

Last year I was asked to join the Association Committee of Churchill College as a volunteer and amongst other things I am growing accustomed to the disconcerting sense of deja vu that being back in our former colleges perhaps provokes in all of us – overwhelmingly, while simultaneously not-quite, familiar. The remit of the Association is to foster fellowship amongst all members of the college, including Fellows and both current and former students, and it has been a great pleasure to be reminded of what a very welcoming place Churchill, and indeed the University, is. The extraordinary extent of knowledge, experience and scholarship available within the College and the University is understood: more surprising to me, returning after a career in the City and on Wall Street, is the fantastic generosity of spirit amongst the community and a willingness and indeed enthusiasm to share all of those things.

Unthinkingly I had probably viewed Cambridge as a jumping off point for the rest of my life; it is an unexpected pleasure to realise that it remains a part of my – and each student’s – life, to whatever greater or lesser extent we might wish to be involved at any given time. What a wonderful and enduring privilege.

Written by Jayne Donora for #VolunteerWeek and part of #camvolunteer

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