Whilst there is an assumption that Cambridge Colleges are quiet in the summer months, not only would our conference team disagree, but our Admissions team are also all preparing for one of the busiest 24 hours of the year – A-level results day.

The admissions cycle is long – interviews take place in late November to mid-December, and the work behind the scenes to schedule hundreds of interviews with dozens of academics and students from all over the world is a huge undertaking. And nine months later, all that work comes to a head on (usually) the second Thursday in August, when A-level students receive their results, and all the students who were given offers find out whether or not they have made it into Churchill.

Here at Churchill we were delighted to see that not only has our 2019 round resulted in one of our highest intakes of state-educated students in recent decades at 76%, but our gender split for 2019 also represents a new high: 42% of our entrants in 2019 are female, compared with 37% in 2018.

Churchill’s Senior Tutor, Richard Partington, said, ‘We are delighted to have admitted such a strong and representative cohort of undergraduates to the College again this year, including many students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds, and more women than in any recent year. They are joining an existing cohort of students who have just been ranked 5th out of the 29 Cambridge Colleges in the Tompkins Table, so will be well placed to continue to achieve as highly here as they have done in winning their places.’

We can’t wait to welcome all of our undergraduates to College next month.

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