This week is Wellness Week at Churchill. A series of activities, including yoga and mindfulness workshops, walks, creative activities and even some help from man’s best friend, aims to encourage students from both common rooms to take a little time out to consider their own health and wellbeing.

At this time of year students often feel that they should be studying for every waking hour, and whilst we want them to work hard, we would also like to demonstrate that taking short break to step away for the books, can make your work more productive.

Whilst the activities themselves are contained to a week, it is hoped that participants will continue to practice some of the things they have engaged in to help them manage their mental health well, during what can be a stressful time.

Across the course of the week there will be a number of different activities which will nearly all take place in the Buttery. There is a timetable for the different events and members are encouraged to dip in and out. Some of the events, such as community jigsaws and colouring, will be in the Buttery all week, whilst others such as the food sessions will be at specific times.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga and Mindfulness workshops will take place in the upper Buttery with guidance from an on line platform, no special equipment and clothing is required. On Tuesday at 5.15pm–6.45pm there will be a workshop on anxiety lead by the University Counselling Service, in the Wolfson Theatre. The Senior Tutor has organised this session which should be beneficial to everyone, whether you are anxious or not.

Furry Friends

Dogs Max, Ted and Freddie will be here for most of the day. Located in the Domestic Bursar’s office (ground floor, main concourse) please call in to say hello, give a belly rub and receive some stress relief. We will be going for a 30mins walk at 12.30pm each day if you would like to join in, and those of you who are confident to do so may be able to take one of the dogs for a leg stretch at other times.


Get creative with a variety of activities in the Buttery all week. Crochet hooks, wool and instructions will be available along with colouring in books, community jigsaws, power snacks and cooking classes.


If you have more ideas for Wellness Week, or something you would like to contribute, or if you have something on the subject to say, please get in touch.

Shelley Surtees

Wellness Week at Churchill