Just over one week to go until the start of our 2016 Telephone Campaign, running from 6-19 December. 13 friendly student callers will be reaching out to alumni to connect, build relationships and raise money for the core need of student support.

Every contribution makes a big difference – this year more than ever before – because one of our alumni, Dr Adrian Hobden (U&G 72) has generously offered to match fund, pound for pound, the first £70,000 of donations raised for student support.  Dr Hobden met with the Development Office earlier this year to talk about his motivation for supporting this vital campaign.

The College runs telephone campaigns to raise money for targeted needs – £120,000 was pledged in the last campaign in 2014/15 but they also provide the College with a crucial opportunity to engage with alumni, to update alumni about recent and future events at Churchill and to involve students in the College’s wider interests.

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