Quantum teleporters: Chaoyang Lu (left) and Jian-Wei Pan win the Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year

Quantum teleporters: Chaoyang Lu (left) and Jian-Wei Pan win thePhysics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year.
Photo: Physics World

Former Junior Research Fellow Professor Chaoyang Lu (G08) is part of a research team at the University of Science and Technology of China breaking the boundaries of quantum teleportation.

Lu’s quantum research group, led by Professor Jian-Wei Pan at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei are the first scientists to achieve the simultaneous quantum teleportation of two inherent properties of a fundamental particle – the photon. First published in Nature in February last year, their ground breaking method has won them the 2015 Physics World Breakthrough of the Year award and the 2015 State Nature Science First Class Award — the highest honor in China in science and technology.

Professor Lu joined Churchill College in 2012 until 2014 as a Junior Research Fellow working on solid-state quantum system control technology based on semiconductor quantum dots at the Cavendish laboratory. 

Professor Lu’s research team mainly focuses on cutting-edge quantum information and high-precision experiment tests of fundamental quantum theories. They developed a systematic way of manipulating multiple-photon systems,  breaking the limit of quantum teleportation of single degree of freedom first achieved in 1997. The team’s work is a crucial step forward in improving our understanding of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and the result could play an important role in the development of quantum communications and quantum computers.

Speaking about their breakthrough, Professor Pan said:

“In addition to its fundamental interest, quantum teleportation has been recognised as a key element in the ongoing development of long-distance quantum communications that provide unbreakable security, ultrafast quantum computers, and quantum networks.” 

Professor Lu will continue research on methods to teleport three degrees of freedom of a single photon or multiple photons.

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