A new residential programme has been launched by Møller Executive Education at Churchill College to prepare senior leaders for the extreme and complex business environment, which some are calling the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’

In response to the highly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment emerging in the 21st Century – and unprecedented in our lifetimes – Møller Executive Education is launching a unique senior leadership development programme: The Explorer Mindset.

The full-board residential programme aims to equip senior management, C-suite, entrepreneurs, and partners – especially those at an inflection point – with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources to confidently lead their organisations at this critical point in history.

Cathy Butler, Director of Programmes (Executive Education) said;

“Just as the early explorers charted new geographical landscapes relying on maps and sextants, compasses and the promise of discovery, the 21st Century explorer must span the complexities of an inter-connected, digital world. They are called upon to lead in a world where the once familiar maps from the Industrial Age no longer seem to work.”

The fourth industrial revolution, coined by Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum, refers to the implementation of new disruptive technologies, which is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another.

While evidence of such seismic shifts are clearly evident, a 2017 report by Deloitte* found that too many executives underestimate the risk of their leadership capabilities not keeping pace. Its survey of 800 global business executives found that 90% are redesigning their organisations to be more dynamic and agile, yet they underestimate the crucial demand for “a completely different type of leader “.

Cathy Butler continues;

“We know that senior executives who choose to invest time, effort and purpose in learning and developing themselves are able to reach higher levels of performance, ability, meaning and happiness in their chosen careers. We are passionate about designing high impact, experiential programmes, such as The Explorer Mindset, which make a considerable impact on the person, their team, their organisation and society as a whole.”


About The Explorer Mindset programme

The Explorer Mindset senior leadership development programme is framed around five dominant forces re-shaping management today: the implications of globalisation, socially-created information, the resurgence of Nationalism, digital technologies and millennial demographics.

The programme is split into two Modules: Module 1 takes place from 26–30 Nov 2017 and Module 2 from 29 April–2 May 2018. The programme is structured to fit around management work commitments and provides a pre-programme personalised diagnostic, and inter-modular and post-programme coaching support and project work.

The Explorer Mindset programme has been developed by two-highly experienced Leadership Programme Directors, Ruth Berry and Sudhanshu Palsule. It will be delivered by a diverse teaching team, including award-winning authors, educators, academics and experts in transformative leadership.

The price of The Explorer Mindset programme is £8,000+VAT (including full-board residential and all tuition). Churchill Alumni benefit from a 25% discount.  It is designed to attract an international cohort of senior leaders from around the UK and internationally, irrespective of industry sector. It is particularly beneficial to leaders experiencing an inflection point. An admissions process ensures a diverse yet complimentary senior management cohort – places are limited to 25 participants only – and more information on how to apply can be found online:


*Leadership disrupted: Pushing the boundaries – 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte.