This programme of events represents an amalgam of the academic, the administrative and the social.

All three are important, but Churchill is fundamentally a home for scholarship, where your work must come first. Your first week will involve a good deal of socialising, but from early on you will also need to get your head down and focus on your studies.

Please note that formal College activities, which you should consider compulsory, unless advised otherwise, are written in standard text, whereas activities in italics are organised by societies and the JCR.

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After Freshers’ Week – what to do next…

Freshers’ week might be drawing to an end, but don’t forget that, while your work is very important, you need to make time to relax as well.  Plan your time and don’t get behind, but the start of work doesn’t mean the end of fun!  Find yourself a balance and you’ll have an incredible first year at Churchill, but don’t panic if you aren’t having fun the whole time.  Everybody feels down at times, especially in a difficult environment like university.  If you ever feel frustrated and alone then please don’t keep it to yourself: drop an email to one of the Welfare Team and they’ll bring you a hot drink and a friendly word or nine.

So: welcome to Churchill. You’re about to embark on the greatest journey of your life so far. And it may or may not be filled with journey-related clichés.

— Mudit Gupta (JCR President) jcr-president@chu.cam.ac.uk

The Welfare Team