Dr Beatriz Marin-Aguilera

Subject Archaeology
Fellow type Junior Research Fellows
Year started 2018


Beatriz Marín-Aguilera is an archaeologist specialised in colonialism, borderlands, cultural contact, and body politics. She is trained in history and archaeology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Glasgow University, the Spanish School of History and Archaeology in Rome, and Brown University. Her research addresses the establishment and development of imperial frontiers from a material culture perspective, particularly in the western Mediterranean in antiquity, in medieval Eritrea and Ethiopia, and in colonial Chile. She is especially interested in how the articulations of difference, expressions of political resistance, and hybrid practices were embodied and staged in colonial and imperial boundaries, and how this can help us understand borderlands today. Beatriz currently co-directs fieldwork in Chile, and collaborates with international teams in Italy, Spain and Ethiopia.