Dr Emanuel Viebahn

Subject Philosophy
Fellow type Visiting Academics
Year started 2017


Emanuel Viebahn is an Academic Visitor at the Faculty of Philosophy and a Visiting By-Fellow at Churchill College. He is visiting from the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he is a lecturer at the Department for Philosophy. Emanuel completed his DPhil in Philosophy at Oxford in 2015, and also holds a BPhil in Philosophy (Oxford) and a BA in Philosophy and German Literature (Humboldt University of Berlin).

Emanuel’s main research areas are the philosophy of language, metaphysics and the ethics of communication. In Cambridge, he is primarily working on theoretical and ethical questions about lying: How should lying be defined? How does lying differ from other forms of insincerity, such as mere misleading? Is there a morally relevant difference between lying and mere misleading? And, if there is, what does it consist in? Other current research projects concern issues in the philosophy of time and in metasemantics, semantics and pragmatics.

The stay in Cambridge is funded by a fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).