Dr Gian Guzman-Verri

Subject Materials Science & Engineering
Fellow type Visiting Academics
Year started 2018


Gian Guzmán-Verri is an invited professor of physics at the University of Costa Rica and a resident associate at Argonne National Laboratory (US). His research focuses on condensed matter physics, particularly on phenomenology and microscopic theory of transition metal oxides. While in Cambridge, Gian will be working with the group of Prof Xavier Moya (DMSM) on developing new theoretical frameworks for multicaloric effects in ferroic materials. The goal is to construct a platform that may yield new physics and useful cooling devices by combining theory and experiment. Gian received his PhD in Physics (2012) from the University of California, Riverside under the supervision of Prof Chandra M Varma; and did a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory under the supervision of Peter B Littlewood.